Wednesday, May 25, 2011


When I was a much younger man I told my personal growth group that my greatest need on the hierarchy of needs is to belong.  The group made up of other Air Force officers voiced the same need to the extent that they discussed the feasibility of forming a commune.  I told them to count me out. With a wife and six kids I  already had one.  Now decades later I realize that all God's creation already belong to each other.--not just my family or people who look like me or believe like me.  Genesis tells the story of a God who made everything and then pronounced it all good. We don't need to belong.  We do belong and just need to become conscious of that.  Some of us are a little late in realizing the interconnectedness of all created things. For some time philosophers and now even many scientists have come to confirm this truth. We belong to each other. This realization makes the "hard sayings" of Jesus such as "Love your enemies" more reasonable (if only a little less difficult).  By the grace of God (literally) I can do a better job of connecting with all sentient beings. Love ya.

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